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Teddy Thinks:  
Be sure to wash your donations. A allergy free or light detergent works best.
Our Mom’s Say: 
Be sure your donations are in good condition.

Wash items in. A allergy free or light detergent.

Ready To Send A CareBox?

Donating the products, clothing and toys that your family has outgrown, has never been easier. Package your family’s gently used items in our CareBox and send it to your sponsored family on your own; or donate your items as humanitarian aid through Teddy In A Box. With Teddy you receive special discounted shipping rates.

A CareBox will be delivered to your home.


Place your donations in the box.



Go to Teddy In A Box and select from a Shipping Partners special rate or send on your own.


Family will confirm the condition of the contents.


Share photos of the donations being put to good use.

What should I donate?

Communicate with your host family to determine what they need most. Gently used Clothing, Shoes, Eyeglasses, Outerwear, Household Items, Toys, Books, School Supplies are all GOOD items to send.  Food, Liquids, Perishable Items and are NOT ok to send.  If you have questions please check the shipping regulations for the Shipping Partner you select.

Our Mom’s Say: 
Be sure your donations are in good condition. Gently used items are just fine.

Ordering My CareBox

You may order a CareBox through Teddy In A Box. The CareBox will be delivered to your home.  Follow the simple instructions to fold the CareBox into shape and you are ready to go.

Selecting A Shipping Partner

You may send the donation on your own or chose from Teddy In A Box negotiated special not for profit rates. Please check with the shipping partner if you have questions with regard to pickup or drop off locations.

Our Mom’s Say:  
We love CareBox Surveys!  Getting paid for our opinion is great! 

To bad it doesn't work this way at home!

Shipping Too Expensive?

We wanted our members to have options.  Teddy In A Boxes specially negotiated rates are very low. But, for some family that extra expense could make the difference between being able to donate their items or not. If money is a concern, then use our CareBox Surveys to off set your shipping costs. Our Members can earn up to $10 for taking a survey and pay for their shipping too.  Not a bad deal if you have a little extra time.

Our Mom’s Say: 
We love sharing the pictures of our kids using the items we donated.  
Its fun for them to see their stuff being used half way around the world.

Track & Confirm CareBox

You will be able to track and confirm the delivery of your CareBox to its destination.  The family will confirm the receipt of the CareBox and the contents and condition of the items you sent at Teddy In A Box

Clothing donations should be clean, undamaged, and reasonably wrinkle free. Clothing can be folded and packed in your CareBox; avoid hangers. Items that come in pairs (shoes, gloves, socks) should be kept together (shoe laces can be tied together, gloves and socks can be stuffed inside of each other), any belts should be securely fastened to their appropriate items.


Order CareBox


Shipping Partner


CareBox Surveys

Teddy In A Boxhttp://www.teddyinabox.org/#!store/c1v1j

Shipping Process

You have registered at Care2kids to donate the items your kids have outgrown. You have connected with a member who could use your help and have been in communication with them to determine what they need. Now its time to send your donations.  But what happens next?  Here is our process and how it all works.

Select from a S, M or L CareBox or use a box of your own.


Use Teddy In A Box to ship your donations. You will receive the benefits of our special shipping rates.

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