It is a pleasure to share the Care2kids story with you.  I hope our efforts will inspire you to join us as we redefine the way the way we connect to provide help directly to others around the world.  

So many times we have been touched by families and children on TV or in the paper, that could use our help. I look around my house at the things my children have outgrown and think wouldn't it be nice to just hand it directly to that child. 

There are children who would be thrilled to wear what we no longer need or what happens to be fashionable at the moment.  How good would it feel knowing that you could easily resolve one basic necessity of life for a child and for their family and without even having to write a check?

Well the concept has always been there, but it wasn't until a friend came to visit us from Brazil did we figure out how to make this all happen.  

Baby things cost more where she lives (about 3 times more than in the US). She was a first time mom and needed to shop for everything the baby would need in one year during her visit. 

It didn't take long to realize that it would be easier to connect with my friend who just had a baby. It would be perfect, once the items were outgrown they would be packaged up and sent to Brazil. Simple, easy and fun! A new international connection with a mommy who also has a little girl. They could grow together for years to come.   

Please join us as we start sending Care 2 kids around the world. The donations are just the beginning. The benefits of helping others can reach far beyond any donation or CareBox you send.   
I hope you will register and join us today.

J. Walsh
Care2kids, Founder

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