Tax Time

Get a tax deduction by donating clothes that do not fit anymore.  For tax purposes, you should keep a list of the clothing you donate and keep your tax receipt.  Shipping costs are tax deductible as well.

Clothing donations needs include: schools clothes, coats and other cold-weather accessories, shoes, which wear out quickly and must be replaced often, especially among growing children.

Spring Cleaning

Out with the old and make room for the new. Organize your home and clear out the items you no longer need. Change of seasons and a change of wardrobe. This is a great time to send the things directly to the child who could use it.

School Time

When the school year begins, some children arrive at school with new clothing book bags and shoes.  Other children arrive with clothing that is too tight or with shoes that are too small and have holes. 

Academics are hard enough for a child without the added distraction of being uncomfortable, cold or wet or trying to read without glasses.

Domestic Violence

Donated clothes are critical for mothers and young children who must flee their homes because of domestic violence or abuse. Often these women and children leave under dangerous circumstances with only the clothing on their backs.

Pregnant Teen

The fear of not being able to provide and care for a baby is real for many young mothers. Your clothing donations can help to alleviate those fears and give a new mother the confidence to move forward with the pregnancy.


Clothing donations are needed by many of the estimated 1.35 million homeless children.


The National Center for Children in Poverty notes that about 28.6 million children living in low-income families and 12.7 million living in poor families. Their parents could also benefit from donated clothes as the number of families losing their homes rise, so does the need for donated clothing.

Who Can You Help?

Why Join?



How often do we or our children have an opportunity to make a significant difference in someones life?

Teaching your children the simple act of giving can help them build confidence and a moral foundation to build upon through out their life. 


Nationally or Internationally

Connect with a family in your country or internationally. We are registering families around the world.

Scouts/ Team/ School Uniforms

Send the scouting uniform your child outgrew to a younger child that size. Is your child required to wear a uniform to school? Have they outgrown their sports equipment again? The costs can add up quickly. Pass down these items to a younger child and pick up the size your child needs in our Care2Kids Free Classifieds.

Your donations can make a big difference in the lives of children and their families. The simple act of donating the items you have outgrown can be a rewarding experience for both you and their family.


To Save A Life

People in some parts of the world have very little in the way of material resources.  Your donations can help make their daily life easier by protecting them from the weather, bug bites and wounds. 

Due to their limited medical resources the simplest of cuts and colds can very quickly turn into a life threatening infection. 

The simple act of donating items your family has outgrown could help to reduce their risk of exposure to a life threatening illness. 

Those of us who have been blessed by problems caused from clutter or the over abundance of owning many things, may have no idea what it is like to be unable to provide basic necessities to our children. The donating the items your family has outgrown can make a life changing difference in a child's life.

To Make A Difference

Sponsoring a family will not only change their life but the act of giving can be deeply gratifying for the host family as well. 

How often do we have an opportunity to make a significant difference in someones life? 

The benefits of giving are not exclusive to the person who is receiving, but can also dramatically improve the life of the person giving.





Household Items

Scout Team School Uniforms


Camping Gear

School Supplies

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