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Everything you need to know about being a being a Care2kids Member.  Didn’t find your answers here?  Contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

  1. BulletWho can I help?

  1. BulletHow does the matching process work?

  1. Bullet Setting up my Member Profile?

  1. Bullet Using Groups?

  1. Bullet Using the Forum?

  1. BulletUsing Classifieds?

  1. BulletWhat are Member Advantages?

  1. Bullet Sending Donations?

  1. BulletRegistration

Disaster Relief / Religious Groups / Orphanages / Foster Homes / Hospitals / Shelters / Parents / Single Moms / Pregnant Teens / Kids in Sports / Kids in Scouts / Kids in School Uniforms / Kids Locally / Kids Internationally

1. Register to become a member.  It’s free!

  1. 2.Create a user profile we will suggest members based upon the answers in your profile questions.

  2. 3.You will receive a email notification within your Care2Kids Inbox when we find you a match. Please be patient we are registering families around the world.

  1. 4.You may select “friend” or reject “block the members we recommend.

  2. 5.You may choose to receive a notification on your mobile or home email when you have a new message.

  3. 6.One you have friended a family you may exchange emails, chat together or share photos and videos.

In your My Account you may personalize your profile, change your search criteria, see who has viewed your profile, chat, sharing comments, photos & create a introduction video.

You may also customize the look of your profile with our Profile Designer. Choose your favorite colors and fonts to create your own image.

Be sure to answer your profile questions in Edit Profile.  We use this information when suggesting members who match your search criteria.  Not sure about your selections? Don't worry, you can go back and change your answers at any time.  

Do you belong to a group in your community?  Then connect with the families who participate in the same activities and share the things your child has outgrown. 

Did your kid just out grow their scouts uniform, again?  Does your school requires your child to wear a uniform? Have a little athlete that keeps out growing their equipment?  Then you should be a part of Care2Kids Groups.  

Don’t see your group listed? Its ok. You can add to groups and create your own.

Don’t forget to invite your friends to join you.    

Our Care2Kids Forum covers topics that touch families both nationally and internationally.  Contribute and share what is important to you.  Or just read and learn from our member around the world. 

We ask that members are polite and use the forum to share, inspire and engage our community.

You must be a member to access our forum.   

Have something to donate that the members you have connected with do not need?  Post your items it in Teddy’s Lists. Teddy’s Lists are a Free Classified Section to connect with a member who could use it today. 

All items in our classified section are Free.  Items must be donated and not be sold.

Shipping maybe paid by either party and will be specified with in the Classified Ad.

In our Members Advantages section you will find discounts and free items from the brands you already love.

Each time you use a link through our website, that brand will make a contribution to help our organization. You shop, save and get to help kids around the world. It’s a win win!

We are always searching for new brands that are willing to help. If your company is interested in joining our  Member Advantages programs please Contact Us here. We are a family friendly, kids centric community. We do not work with brands from the adult or gaming industry. 

You have all of your donations, organized, washed, folded and ready to go.  Now what do you do? 

Click the Donate button in your members profile and it will take you to Teddy In A Box

Teddy ships humanitarian aid and helps to simplify the shipping process. Follow Teddy’s simple steps to select a preferred shipping partner to send your donations.

Use Teddy’s easy forms to itemize your donations and get your receipt to use at tax time. 

“Teddy makes it easy to ship my donations anywhere in the world”

“Its a great place to connect and share the scouting, team & school uniforms your kid has outgrown.”

“A place to connect, share, inspire and engage within our Care2Kids community”

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Register to become a member.  It’s free!  Its also safe. We don’t sell our member information. Ever. 

You will receive a email to confirm your registration.  Check your spam folder if you do not see the email.  Click the link to confirm membership and gain access to your Care2Kids Account.

Take a moment to answer the questions in your Account Profile. Please try to be as complete as possible. We will recommend members based upon your answers. We are trying to pair you with members who have kids of a similar age, gender and needs. You may adjust your answers at anytime.

We are registering families around the world. Please be patient as we search for the perfect match for you.

Membership Requirements

Receive Care - If you are caring for kids ages 0-17 and need help making ends meet then you may join our community.

Give Care - If you have items that you no longer need that could help a kid ages 0-17 then you may join our community.

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