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Join us as we re-shape the way the world sends humanitarian aid

People in some parts of the world have very little in the way of material resources. Your donations can help make their daily life easier by protecting them from the weather, bug bites and wounds. 

Due to their limited medical resources the simplest of cuts and colds can very quickly turn into a life threatening infection. 

The simple act of donating items your family has outgrown could help to reduce a child's risk of exposure to a life threatening illness. 

Those of us who have been blessed by problems caused from clutter or the over abundance of owning too many things, may have no idea what it is like to be unable to provide basic necessities to our children.

The donating the items your family has outgrown can make a life changing difference in a child's life.

The benefits of giving are not exclusive to the person who is receiving, but can also dramatically improve the life of the person giving as well

How often do we or our children have the opportunity to make a significant difference in someones life?

Teaching your children the simple act of giving can help   build confidence and a moral foundation that will last a lifetime. 

When the school year begins, some children arrive at school with new clothing book bags and shoes. Other children arrive with clothing that is too tight or with shoes that are too small and have holes. 

Academics are hard enough for a child without the added distraction of being uncomfortable, cold or wet.

Share in the common bond of parenting as you exchange pictures, messages and your valuable experiences of raising children.

Single Mother
A New Friend
Impoverished Country
Growing Family

Connect with a growing family or a single parent. Find a new friend across the world or change the life of children living in poverty.

Your will discover and learn, about their culture as your families grow together and build a personal connection for years to come. 

We Are Connecting Families

We Are Care2kids

We are a global online community that registers and connects families to clothe kids around the world. We pair families based on their kids age and gender, so they can send the things they have outgrown directly to the kids who need it.  

We Are Eco Friendly

Most of us haven't stopped to think about the impact our clothing has on the environment. From the production, to the materials that make them, and transportation to the store, our clothing has a significant impact on the environment.

Americans throw away more than 68 pounds of clothing and textiles per person per year. An astounding 5% of all landfills solid waste are from textiles.

Sign up to donate your clothing and make a difference in the world.

*According to the U.S. EPA Office of Solid Waste,

So, what can we do as individuals to help reduce this environmental impact?

Register at Care2Kids to donate your clothing and make a difference in someones life; make a difference in the world.

We Are Recycle Clothing

We Are Saving You Money

Benefit from special offers from major brands who recognize and reward our members for doing social good.

As a member you are entitled to these benefits as soon as you register.

BECOME A MEMBERhttp://www.care2kids.org/index.php

We Are Sending Donations

Donating the products, clothing and toys that your family has outgrown, has never been easier. Package your family’s gently used items in a box and send it directly to kids who need your help around the world.

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We Are Reshaping The Way The World Sends Humanitarian Aid

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